Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have just witnessed ...

I have just witnessed the most shameful copyright violation! I promised myself that I wouldn't blog on this anymore but this is just horrible, unacceptable, shameful!

Someone has uploaded (to the site mentioned in my earlier rant) a copy of "The Bra Band". It was done by someone with the screen name "Gladstone". No other information.

All proceeds from this chart are donated to Breast Cancer Research. How horrible that someone would upload it for free download. How much more horrible that people are downloading it for free. Is that what we have come to in this industry? Stealing from women with breast cancer. Stealing from women who can't afford mammograms?

For heavens sake if you can't afford to donate the $10 to Breast Cancer Research, just don't stitch it. How could anyone stitch this after downloading it for free is beyond me. And this is beyond discouraging for me.

I found the Bra Band up for download after reading all the laments about The Gift of Stitching going out of business from folks who were downloading copies of it for free from this site.


I guess it's just stupidity and ignorance.



  1. I am really sorry all this is happening, and it's so rampant. I wish I had some sort of solution :( I wouldn't even call it ignorance. These people are actively doing it. This isn't people copying their chart for their neighbours. It's out of hand on a global scale. And what can you do when sites like these are hosted in China? Or Russia?

  2. That is a new low, for shame on them

  3. Again I am saddened by the audcity of some people, how small can you be to copywrite, I dislike people who think that the world owes them shame on that person, especially when it comes to an illness like cancer stealing is all it is.

  4. I'm with you on this.I'm tired of people thinking it's ok to share,or trade.These people have fooled themselfs into thinking it's ok.I have run into the trading thing latley,and it's making me mad.If they can afford to buy overdyed fabrics,they can not tell me they can not afford the money for the chart.I have been around long enough to see to many businesses dissapear,because of these kind of practises.Ok now i will get down of my band wagon.

  5. And selfishness - I'm more important than you are. If I want to stitch this, and can get it free, I'm going to. Short-sighted. If designers can't make a living, what is to encourage them to keep designing.

  6. Another store is closing here in Florida and it's mostly because of people like them. If you can't afford the pattern, than that means you aren't suppose to stitch it in my mind.

  7. shared on Facebook and on my own blog:
    Shameful indeed !

  8. Very sad. And it is also sad that is appears to be the first item in a Google search.

    Where can be buy this chart, Cynthia? I'm sure there are a lot of us reading this that want to get it the legitimate way.

  9. You can purchase this chart from your local needlework shop if they are willing to special order it. If not, it can be purchased from our web site.