Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interesting Weekend ...

helping my son rent his first apartment .... and stocking it with food, pots and pans, toaster, microwave, etc. It was bittersweet nudging the last little duckling out of my nest and into his own. Now I'm just hoping that all those vast quantities of bagels and hamburger patties and frozen chicken nuggets don't perish from not being stored in the freezer (as I kept reminding him over and over on the way back to the new apartment ..... puleeezzze remember to put these things in the freezer! Puleeeeezzzzzeeee!). Hopefully it will get him through the next month or at least till he gets his first paycheck. I'm not an advocate of frozen chicken nuggets and burger patties and boxed pancake mix ... but, hey, that's what he wanted and I figured that's what he'd eat. I know if I had bought fresh veggies and fruit and free-range chicken .... those, for sure, would still be sitting on the counter going bad. I know that the huge case of instant mac and cheese, though not particularly healthy, will be zapped in the new microwave and eaten. He won't be hungry.

Mother hen .... doing the best she can long distance.


Missing him today. It seems like just yesterday he was running down the stairs to show me the lego model of the space shuttle he had built Christmas morning. It's an oft-told family story ... about how, excitedly running down the stairs to show us his master piece, he tripped and ....

yup, you know the rest.

I want to thank all of you for your enthusiastic orders of the new designs. We have had many, many requests and were a little behind in the shipping department for a while (especially with the little break for the apartment move in) but seem to be catching up now. So, if you haven't received yours yet, a whole pile of them went out this afternoon. They should be on your doorsteps by early next week.

Since I doubt I'll have the time to get back here before Sunday ... I wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day. May your day be filled with love .... all kinds of love ... brotherly love, romantic love, a mother's love, filial love ... sibling love (does that actually happen sometimes .... maybe later in life?) and, of course, don't forget to love your pets.

I heard the funniest song yesterday. It's from a Norah Jones CD. Obviously she has a dog (cute St. Bernard on the cover .... wonder if that's him?) ... and well, I just laughed and laughed when I heard it because .... I sure know where she's coming from :-)

Man of the Hour - Norah Jones

See you soon, ci vediamo a presto, à tout à l'heure, gauw tot ziens,