Monday, September 26, 2011

I totally forgot ....

... to update this blog with the new charts which were available at the beginning of September.

My apologies. I have been so busy designing and trying to get new designs to model stitchers that I accidentally left out this important step in the "new release" process.

Check them out at right.

Otherwise .... just very, very busy. Having a fun time planning new things, drawing new things, charting new things, enjoying my new neighborhood and the new additions to my family.

As predicted by many, Ollie and Beaupierre have become best of friends. It's really a joy to see them together. Ollie, such a gentle soul, lets Beaupierre use his tail for a cat toy. Beaupierre courageously puts up with Ollie's attempts to pick him up and carry him around the house. Ollie has decided that Beaupierre gets first shot at any "floor food" and first drink from the fresh water bowl in the morning. I absolutely love this delightful little dog. What a sweet-tempered personality he has! He is now a favorite at the local dog park for his playful spirit and ability to get along with even the most aggressive dogs. Beau is just beautiful, funny and affectionate. I am blessed to have these animals in my life. They bring me smiles and laughter each and every day. My thanks to whoever, up there, arranges these things.

And my thanks to the many of you who offered your stitching services. Rest assured they will be disbursed as soon as they are off the computer and on to the printer. One is going out today ... four more to go. Anne-Catherine and Evelyne ... your packages WILL arrive but am holding onto them until I have some special things completed for you.

Life is good. I read something the other day that struck a cord, supposedly a quote from Rodin:

"The more simple I am, the more complete I become"

Life is short. Enjoy ... everything,