Monday, January 25, 2010

Is it too late ....

to wish everyone a very happy new year?

I have been so busy I haven't had time to sit down and think for even a few moments. Seems like since Thanksgiving I have had house guests of one sort or another and I am grateful for them, but once things settled down and everyone went back to their respective lives, I had so much work backed up that I've had to keep my nose pretty much to the grindstone every minute since.

But, all the 12 and 14 hour days have paid off and we are ready to release three new designs ... all printed up, packaged and all the supplies for the stitching and finishing kits and thread packs and bead packs are neatly stacked in the shipping room. In addition to our own new patterns, we are happy to be offering a selection of designs from cross stitch artist Marie-Thérèse Saint-Aubin .... AND ... Friendly Embroidery finally arrived to join his companion Tiny embroidery. Now I am just working on getting the website updated and plan to upload that on Wednesday evening ... so check it out Thursday ... or Friday ... or over the weekend.

whew .....

.... on to the next round.

It never ends. Glad that I love what I do. I find I am happiest when I'm busiest ... when I'm designing, when I'm stitching even when I'm just putting beads into little plastic bags ... I love what I do and when I do it, it leaves little room for worries and ruminations. I go to bed tired and happy. I wake up eager to get back to it. My thanks to the career gods. My thanks to all of you who stitch my designs. I am blessed.

I should note that I had to cancel my classes at Celebration of Needlework this year. I found out several weeks ago that my daughter's graduation from college is the same weekend. Sorry folks, but graduation from college trumps all other events. Though I will really miss the fun and games and friendships of Celebrations, I am so very proud of her and wouldn't miss it for the world. I can't wait to see her smiling face in that cap and gown!

Good place to mention that I am also actively recruiting model stitchers. If you are interested in stitching Drawn Thread Designs for not many $$$, please send an email and I can give you details. You need to be a fairly advanced stitcher, very deadline and detail oriented and ... of course ... not too concerned about earning a living :-) We pay industry standards for model stitching but suffice it to say .... you won't be able to quit your day job.

Not too much else to report. Snow, snow and more snow and lots of sub-zero temperatures here. The snow is beautiful ... but gosh I am tired of shoveling that front walk and the back deck. You have no idea how much snow we get here. We average over 300 inches a year. I think most of it has settled on the back deck. There is no where left to shovel it, so now I am just sort of arranging walls of it around the deck ... building a large igloo of sorts.

That's all for now folks. I hope your new year has started off well and my best, though a little late, wishes for a happy, healthy 2010.

See you soon, ci vediamo a presto, à tout à l'heure, gauw tot ziens,