Thursday, February 2, 2012

New releases ... new snow ....

Just as I'm getting used to the wonderful spring-like weather we've been having the past two weeks, I hear this morning that 12" of snow is heading our way this evening. The weather here in Denver is so flakey (no pun intended :-) and so different from what we had in the mountains. There we would get our first snow around Halloween and then it was snow, snow, snow from there on out until late May. Never melted off ... and I mean FEET of snow, not inches.

Here we get four or five days of spring, then two or three days of winter, two or three inches of snow. Then winter passes, the snow melts away and we get a little spring again. I have to admit, I like this a lot better but the little reprieves between the snow storms are tricksters. You think "Ahhh, spring has sprung. I won't have to get those boots out again" and then ... you get zapped by another snow storm. Though the weather report calls for 12" of snow starting tonight, next Thursday is supposed to be sunny and close to 50. A little of this, a little of that. Flakey once in a while ... but nice.

Meanwhile we got the new designs out and they have, for the most part been packed up and shipped. There is always a little delay, I'm afraid, between releasing the "new releases" and getting them posted here. We are always so busy getting the emails out and printing and packing and shipping that the last thing on my mind is updating my blog. Then it slows down a bit and I can finally get a chance to chatter away here.

At any rate, I have posted them, as usual at right. Butterfly Garden is a return to "gardening on linen" as is "Year of Flowers" come to think of it. The model for Butterfly Garden was stitched by Nataly Koplovsky in Massachusetts. I have to say that when I opened the package, it took my breath away. Looking at the "real thing" is always so different from trying to visualize it with drawings and computer images. Nataly did an incredible job of bringing those drawings and images to life. Every stitch was absolutely perfect. Thank you Nataly.

A Year of Flowers portfolio was stitched by my friend Anne-Catherine Seres in Bordeaux, France and the cushion was done by Darlene Dunat in Florida. Again, both incredible stitchers who I am so grateful to for taking my imaginings into reality. I don't think I've ever come across anyone who can stitch so quickly (and so accurately) as Darlene. I am super glad to add her to the roster of model stitchers that I have been so fortunate to work with this past year. I literally can't keep up with Darlene. She is patiently waiting for the next package and has been for a while. Sorry Darlene :-( Even on a computer, I don't work as fast as you :-)

And ... I stitched "B My Valentine". Yes, I do still stitch some of my own designs :-)

Got to visit a lovely little cross stitch shop here in Denver. Fanci Mats and More in the "old town" section of Littleton is hosting a trunk show for us. Bright, cheerful and well-stocked shop with lots and lots of beautiful models to get those stitching juices flowing. We delivered the trunk show and couldn't resist spending some extra time perusing all there was to see and (we admit it) touch. Cindy, the owner of the shop, will have the show through the weekend so if you live anywhere near the Denver area try to get over and see the new things. Yes, she has the Butterfly Garden along with the Year of Flowers cushion and folio and B My Valentine. An extra bonus ... on the left side of the shop is a yarn store, on the right, an antique shop. What more can you ask for folks?

Oliver was 1 year old on January 29th. How time flies! We spent the morning at the dog park then stopped by the local pet store on the walk home. He got to pick out several treats and a little toy. He doesn't care much about the toys and treats but loves the store because it's always full of people and other dogs. He's turned into a wonderful companion with a sweet temperament and clownish personality. I am sure that Beaupierre is probably around the same age, though we don't know exactly when he was born, so I decided to celebrate his birthday the same day. Though he didn't get to go to the dog park with us :-) he got a few special treats and a new toy.

He's now about 30 or so pounds ... about 22" tall at the hips ... so that's going to be it I think. Right on target for a Beardie. They tell me his coat can continue to change (drastically) in color until he's about 3 years old and will get much longer as he matures but I sure hope he's going to be a "stay black. You never know with this breed. He has beautiful big brown eyes which you never get to see unless you know him very, very well.

So enough bragging mom. Back to the drawing board so I can get new things out to those wonderful, patiently still waiting model stitchers. It's a long road from conception to completion.

And as I glance out the window I can see that Mr. Squirrel is waiting for me to fill the bird feeder so he can knock it down and eat all the seeds before the birds get to it. Better get out there and get it filled before the snow starts to fly :-)

Have a great day ... Enjoy! Sit and stitch a bit.