Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sharing The Bra Band

Five special women and I worked together to design and stitch this piece. I was so sad to see it available for free download when that was not our intention.

For those who have inquired, you can have your local needlework shop order it for you. We donate $5 for every wholesale purchase by a shop. Or you can purchase a digital download (PDF) from our site:

The Bra Band Digital Download

It has been downloaded illegally 53 times so far from the "sharing" site. That would have been $265.00 for Breast Cancer Research. Not a fortune, I know, but something. It is a shame that those women were not willing to "share" with other women in a meaningful way.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have just witnessed ...

I have just witnessed the most shameful copyright violation! I promised myself that I wouldn't blog on this anymore but this is just horrible, unacceptable, shameful!

Someone has uploaded (to the site mentioned in my earlier rant) a copy of "The Bra Band". It was done by someone with the screen name "Gladstone". No other information.

All proceeds from this chart are donated to Breast Cancer Research. How horrible that someone would upload it for free download. How much more horrible that people are downloading it for free. Is that what we have come to in this industry? Stealing from women with breast cancer. Stealing from women who can't afford mammograms?

For heavens sake if you can't afford to donate the $10 to Breast Cancer Research, just don't stitch it. How could anyone stitch this after downloading it for free is beyond me. And this is beyond discouraging for me.

I found the Bra Band up for download after reading all the laments about The Gift of Stitching going out of business from folks who were downloading copies of it for free from this site.


I guess it's just stupidity and ignorance.