Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sharing The Bra Band

Five special women and I worked together to design and stitch this piece. I was so sad to see it available for free download when that was not our intention.

For those who have inquired, you can have your local needlework shop order it for you. We donate $5 for every wholesale purchase by a shop. Or you can purchase a digital download (PDF) from our site:

The Bra Band Digital Download

It has been downloaded illegally 53 times so far from the "sharing" site. That would have been $265.00 for Breast Cancer Research. Not a fortune, I know, but something. It is a shame that those women were not willing to "share" with other women in a meaningful way.



  1. Hello

    I think it's terrible that these people get away with this, especially with something intended to benefit charity.
    I hope one day that this sort of thing won't happen.

    I love your designs BTW.

  2. I just bought the PDF I love this pattern I really need to stitch a scissor fob along with a needle keep.
    Thank-you for this adorable pattern.

  3. Thank you Catherine! I just figured out today how to make it a digital download which means people won't have to pay shipping ... they can just make the donation and get the chart ... so maybe that will be incentive for some to get it this way. I can't make it any easier for them than that ... and this will make it more efficient for us to keep track of the donations and get them to the Komen Foundation !

  4. This is wonderful! I just got not only The Bra Band, but also Give Peace a Chance, which I've been craving for for ages but couldn't find - and they're on my hard drive already and about to be printed! Thank you, Cynthia, I looove digital downloads!

  5. I'm glad you are happy. Now that I've learned how to do these in my shopping cart program, I'm thinking of doing more ... especially with the charity charts as it makes it so much easier for people to "donate" and get their chart right away ... and no shipping (especially expensive when you are in Europe :-)

    So something good comes from bad. The illegal downloading of The Bra Band was my motivation for finally learning to do something I've been planning to learn for a while, but never made time for.

  6. I'm so glad you have it available to buy as a digital download now. I'll be buying my copy right away!

  7. I'm with you! I totaly understand you so much!!!love you.Niky.