Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And now ... for some blogging

Spring is here! Mother's day is right around the corner and I have finally gotten the new charts uploaded to the web site. They are available for shipment now and can be seen, as always, at right.

And yes, the "Memory Garden" can made into a scrapbook album cover OR it can be stitched and framed. Either way, very nice. See the web site for a framed version.

Along with my linen and silk gardens, everything else around here seems to be growing like weeds. I have my porch geraniums out and have planted a "real" herb garden, in pots for the patio. I am a renter now and don't yet have my own "plot" for veggies and herbs .... soooooo ... I found the cutest little plant stand and some wonderful (and inexpensive) pots at Ikea and voila ... a small herb garden. Now to find recipes to use them all in :-)

and ... speaking of growing like weeds ... those two rascals that live with me seem to have grown up while I wasn't looking. Turned around the other day and I had a full grown dog and cat living with me. Took Oliver to the vet and he is now 51 pounds of wiggle and wag. This guy has the energy of 10 dogs and thus I spend a good deal of my time walking, riding my bicycle, running around after him at the dog park etc. etc. trying to burn off some of his energy. I'm a reluctant exerciser at best so he is a good influence on me. I've lost 10 pounds just trying to get this little (not so little anymore) guy worn out. I'd love to take him to agility classes since he is fast, fast, fast and can turn on a dime ... if only I could get him to "come" and "sit" when I ask him to (sigh).

And then, of course there is Beaupierre, beautiful Pierre, who has no energy at all. The most "laid back" cat I've ever encountered. Confident, secure and not afraid of anything, including the giant ball of fur that tries to pick him up and carry him around the house in his mouth. Luckily, Beau has also gotten bigger. Big enough that Ollie can't really carry him around any more (much to his relief I'm sure). He has a little bed beside my desk and this is how he sleeps in it:

And ... he snores. Geeezzzzeee. I thought when I got divorced I wouldn't have to listen to that anymore :-)

My Hana got a new job with the Denver Public Library. I am thrilled for her and don't think I've ever seen her so happy. Best thing? It's at my local branch, just a few blocks away. I now have my own personal librarian within walking distance and for those who know me and know how I love to read, this is super. Life is good.

Just to try to keep up with the pirates sailing the cross stitch seas, I've started a new series of charts "for the cure" and made them all available as digital downloads from our site. For a small donation, you can enjoy some new lingerie while helping breast cancer charities. We are trying to make it easier for those of you, near and far, to get your hands on these charts without having to beg, borrow or (gulp, I'm going to say it!) steal them and no shipping charges. So please, my dear friends, and those who are not so friendly, make a tiny donation, for the cure, stitch up some pretties and you will feel sooooo good about doing so. I promise :-)

Enjoy the new charts! Enjoy mother's day, hopefully surrounded by family and friends. Enjoy spring. Enjoy everything that grows ... and changes. Enjoy life because it's whizzing past more quickly than you realize. Every moment is precious!