Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've never had a Christmas Tree ....

AND a cat before. I've found this requires rehanging all the lower ornaments at least once each day. Usually more often. That is if the ornaments that Beaupierre has removed from the tree and scattered around the house are not found by Oliver ... in which case they can't be rehung because they are pretty much destroyed.

I'm glad my animals are getting so much "joy" from my holiday decorations :-)

Tried twisting the wire hangers several times around the branches so Beau couldn't get them off. Doesn't seem to work. When thwarted from batting them off the tree, he has somehow found a way to remove them entirely from the hanging thingies (you know, the little cap that goes on the top).

I love my animal friends ... so I've decided the only solution is to do a "search, retrieve and replace" mission several times a day to offset Beaupierre's "search and destroy" missions.

Some new charts added to the side bar ... released mid-November. A little late getting them up here but I am a major procrastinator when it comes to updating the blog. Maybe if I can figure out how to do it on the iPad ... I'll get better at it.

Book of Days was in response to those of you who told me you couldn\'t stand the thought of putting those little pocket calendars in your purse after you spent so much time and care stitching them. Voila! A desk calendar cover. It is sized to fit Exaclair's Quo Vadis Note 27 Desk Diary refill, which I personally use and love. You can purchase it on our web site along with the chart and stitching supplies or it is available from many good stationary stores. Even with all our iPads and iPhones and other ways of keeping calendars, I still find it comforting and lovely to keep a desk calendar in my own unique handwriting. For those of you who also like to do this, the Book of Days will give you a way to show off your stitching skills on your (literal not virtual) desk top.

The holidays are fast approaching and .... most of my shopping and ALL of my decorating (except whatever Beaupierre "un-decorates" each day) is finished.

Just need to wrap all those packages and put them under the tree. On second thought, maybe not. I think I'll wait till Christmas Eve. I don't have any experience with cats and brightly wrapped packages with ribbons and bows and sparklies all over them but the ornament thing has given me a pretty good idea what could happen. After the trip to Costco for all the dinner "fix ins" I'm set. I get to enjoy the rest of it. (I actually enjoy the cooking Christmas dinner part).

My new neighborhood goes all out for the decorating thing .... not only for Christmas but for Halloween which was a kick. The guy down the street had an assortment of mummies, ghouls and even a man hung from the gallows (life size mind you) in his front yard along with fog and sound effects. He hasn't gotten his Christmas decorations up but I can hardly wait to see them ... or not? Perhaps he only does Halloween? At any rate Ollie and I are planning a "Twighlight Light Walk" in the next few weeks to get a look at them up close and personal.

It's nice to be in my new home with my new and old families for the season. Lots going on in Denver. My son and I are thinking of doing the "Zoolights". He didn't want to do the "Blossom Lights" at the Botanic Garden so Zoolights was the compromise (quote ... "the Botanic Gardens are soooooo boring"). Both Ollie and Beaupierre will be having their first Christmas. I can't help but get a little sad thinking that this is my first Christmas without Sami. He was a champion package opener. Too bad they don't give an AKC Pedigree Performance Title for that, cause he would have had one. He could have been "Iamsamiam, CPO (champion package opener :-). Just loved to open packages. My daughter and I were wondering how Ollie will do with them. We will see if he gets to be "Riverwood's Oliver Twist and Shout, CPO.

My best wishes for the happiest of holidays for all of you and all of your loved ones. Enjoy! Savor the moments! We are allotted so precious few.



  1. This is our first Christmas with our cat Buddy and he is a chewer! We have artificial pre-lit trees and he wants to chew the tips of the lowest branches! So far no lights have been crunched. I have not gotten to hanging ornaments yet and I'm hoping they will distract him from the branches. I will hang chewables down low!!! I love your Book of Days!

  2. Cats and Christmas trees can be quite an adventure! I can't wait to hear how the present unwrapping goes - but I think you're smart to wrap those presents and keep them in a safe place until the last minute!

    I'm glad that you're settled in your new home and enjoy viewing your new designs as well as stitching up some of the ones I already have.

  3. I, too, am going through the same 'undecorating' of the tree as you are with my new little 4 mo old kitty Chloe. Every day the bottom 1/2 of the tree has taken a beating. She also manages to climb right up into the middle of the tree and sit on the branches...she is the new ornament! Two nights ago I heard a *crash* at 3 am.... she managed to jump up onto my hutch onto my Dept 56 snow village. You guessed it! Her claws must have gotten stuck in the white felt cloth that is under the houses and pulled all of them off crashing onto the floor. (made gouges in the wood laminate) All the people were broken as well as some of the houses. I have also learned the hard way that putting gifts under the tree is ok but DO NOT put any ribbons or bows on them until it's time to give them out. They delight in chewing them! You are not alone! Good luck!

  4. Feliz Navidad..... jajajja como veo que ha descubierto que el arbol de navidad es el juego mas divertido que su gato ha conseguido... mire este video... se va a sorprender de cuanta similitud debe tener con su mascota.... simons cat video

  5. Ha, cats and trees. Sorry Cynthina just getting around to your blog as this was a busy Christmas. I have always had a cat, I put the tree up for about a week without decorations. I let them scope it out, climb, and basically get bored with it, then I hang the cheap big box store plastic ornaments on the bottom because they will play with it. Then the prettier ones more eye level. P.S. do not put the tree near any kind of table as they will jump on the table and play with anything within thier reach. They are crafty little critters but I just couln't live without my Gidget. Happy New Year to all!