Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Please help if you can ...

This just in from "Best Friends in Utah:

She is so beautiful. Please help if you can! I wish I could take her but I live in a rental right now with a tiny, tiny yard and don't think she would do well here. Anyone out there with a farm or large yard or ? Please contact:



  1. Can't get Zorah out of my sorry I cannot with cats & on the other coast :(

  2. Hope you managed to find him a good home, he is gorgeous.

  3. Would love to have Zorah, but I also have a herd of female cats without claws who are really spoiled bitches that don't take well to newcomers. Zorah looks like a wonderful pet, and I would love a dog, but alas... I just can't! I do hope she has found a loving home by now or will soon!