Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sneak Peak

Our final Calendar Covers are finished and waiting for photography. We apologize for the delay in getting them out but ....

The move, the move, the move!

How aggravating certain aspects of moving are! There are always some things that mistakenly get shipped to the old address and, as Murphy's law would have it, this is exactly what happened. We have two other pieces in addition to the Calendar covers that we want to release at the same time and the frame and mat for one and the finishing fabric for the other are waiting for me on my old doorstep in Steamboat. So I will leave early Monday to make the drive to pick them up. Back on Tuesday so we can finish the final pieces and get the photography done. After photography, thanks to our wonderful new digital world, it is only a few hours of work to insert the photos into the charts and print. It looks like it will probably be after Labor Day when we can start shipping. We will get the photos posted to the web site as soon as they are downloaded from the camera.

In the meantime, while you wait for me to get back from Steamboat and get our new releases back on track, I have a sneak peak of the Calendar Covers in a special format. I know that many of you are stitching them all together on one piece of linen instead of making them into calendar/check book covers. (One customer mentioned that she was horrified by the idea of putting one in her pocket book after all the time it took to stitch and finish.) I thought it would be fun to take all my original drawings for each month and photoshop them into one piece. The result:

Click for a larger version. If you are stitching them all together or have considered doing so, this is pretty much what they will look like.

Be back soon. Until then .... happy trails,


  1. Cynthia ... I love all the calendar covers sewn together! Best of luck in your new home! Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Oooooooh, how lovely!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such an inspiration - well done Cynthia!

    Wendy Holt

  3. Love the compilation! Please release this as a separate chart. :-)

  4. c'est tout simplement superbe comme idée !!!
    ca me tente enormement !!!

  5. I love them all together. A great sampler. I must do this one. Margaret

  6. I love the monthly series all together. Will there be a chart showing the spaces between each month? Would love to stitch them this way.