Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank You

I want to thank all of you for expressing your sympathy and support. My Sam was a blessing ... and a gift. He never held a grudge, never regretted the past and did not fear the future. He was never mean or spiteful, never felt sorry for himself and forgave quickly. He never passed judgement. He just noted what worked and what didn't and then moved on. His mind was unencumbered by hate, prejudice or stereotype. His heart was open to the potentials and possibilities of each person, place or thing he encountered (a porcupine encounter comes to mind here :-). Each day was a gift to him. He was just as happy to respond to an invitation to play a bit of catch or take a long hike along Fish Creek as he was to sleep beside my chair for hours while I stitched.

Though I miss his physical presence every day, following his example by living life happily in the moment and loving unconditionally will keep his spirit alive and serve to honor his memory more than tears and grieving. That was my promise to him as we parted and I will do my best to keep it. I'm sure I will never be as good at it as he was.

Thank you all for your beautiful words. Hug your pet today. If you don't have one, think about going out and rescuing one. You'll be amazed at what they bring into your life ... literally and figuratively :-)

Cynthia and Sam


  1. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your companion, Sam. You wrote such a beautiful tribute to him. I'm sure he had a wonderful life and considered you the center of his universe. May your memories bring you comfort.

  2. I am in tears after reading your touching words. Some of my best friends have been dogs, the last of which were Baby and Zoe, my two deaf Dalmatians.



  3. What lovely words. And that picture of you two is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I am so sorry about Sam...I did not see these other posts earlier. Got my chart (Menagerie)and cannot wait to get started on it. Debra in NC